Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork Review and Bonuses

Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork Review and Bonuses

Launch Date: 05/21/2015 11:00 AM (EST)
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You will NOT find a better Kindle product at this price.

I got a chance to take a look at the Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork System. I can tell you that I have purchased several Kindle courses and this one covers everything you need to know. Let me explain what you are getting here.

Cory Friedman & Muhammad Sikandar

Cory Friedman & Muhammad Sikandar

NOTE: I should mention this course is presented by Muhammad Sikandar and Cory Friedman – Muhammad is a Kindle publisher that is making over $40,000 per month with his Kindle business. He takes you in his publisher account in the introduction video to verify his earnings and show what is possible.

Now that we know we have someone who is actually running a successful Kindle business we can look at the value he is teaching:

You will get access to a special Facebook group that has been set up for the customers of Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork.

First, in this course he shows you how to do proper research so you can have the best chance at becoming a profitable Kindle publisher yourself. One of the things I like is this research can work with any type of book, fiction and nonfiction – children's books or romance.

Next you will learn how to outsource EVERYTHING if you don't want to do it yourself. This was amazing… You will learn the best places to find people to research and write your books if you don't have the time to do it yourself you will see how you can get your books written for as little as $45 each!

Now for those that have never published on Kindle, the next video shows you step by step the process of signing up all the way to publishing your book with the correct pricing and descriptions.

From here you will learn how to promote your books. There are several videos on how to do these easy promotions and to my surprise you will also get a list of 1280 Amazon reviewer emails! This in itself is worth the price of admission. You will learn exactly what you need to ask these reviewers to give you an HONEST REVIEW. This is one thing I must say – Never in any of this course are any techniques used or suggested that would break any of Amazon Kindles terms.

I have a couple of books published on Kindle already but I will be implementing the techniques I learned here to defiantly build my Kindle income much faster.

There are two up-sales in the back end after you purchase the main course. I must say you don't need them to make this work at all. The upgrades will defiantly give you more great information to expand on the main course and I do recommend you consider them if you have the money… but, if you can follow the easy laid out plan and follow step by step you will have success with Kindle using Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork and my bonuses if you purchase through my link.

I am working on my own Kindle publishing business and if there is enough response to this offer I will open my own Skype group or Facebook group so we can all share our ideas and successes.

Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork Bonuses


Buy through my link and you’ll get the following special bonuses.

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Bonus #1


Skype Mastermind Group or Facebook Group

You will have access to a Facebook group through Kindle Bestsellers Like Clockwork and if you purchase through my link you will get access to a private group I personally set up for my Kindle publishing.

Bonus #2    25 Kindle Covers (Value $37)


25 Unique, Easily Editable Flat Ebook Cover Templates for Amazon Kindle!
You can use these Templates over and over again to create high-quality Kindle Cover Images. Remember, Your Kindle book is judged by it’s Cover Image. By using a High Quality Kindle Cover, you provide a professional feel to potential buyers and increase your Kindle Book sale many folds.


Bonus #3   Kindle Cash Secrets (Value $27)


Inside this report learn advanced strategies!

  • Discover the quick cash strategy to building passive cash funnels with Kindle!
  • The simple formula for getting your book in the Top 100 category so you can make more money!
  • Uncover the top distribution ‘hot spotsthat will maximize your income and exposure for FREE!
  • Find out what you need to know about your book's cover and how it will impact sales!
  • The easiest way to choosing a hot topic for your book that is guaranteed to sell!


Bonus #4 

Mega Package With Over 1,600+ Professional Quality Web Image Collection! (Value $27)

instabuilder 2 bonus 3

Use These Graphics To Design Your Own Book Illustrations and Webdesign!

Successful marketers know success in selling has a great deal to do with product presentation. If you have a webpage full of text and no graphics, you will be making lesser sales than you can. When you spice up your sales page with professional graphics, you keep more attention to your page, and you get more sales. We are making our entire collection available just for you!


Bonus #5 

Niche Graphics Packs (Value $37)


Beautiful Graphics Packs For 18 Different Niches!


UPGRADE BONUSES: (Value $250+)

If you purchase the main Kindle course and either one of the one time offers you will get access to Much MORE!

I will give you access to my help in a private group where you will have access to my help and my tools…

and over 50 more Kindle covers


Over 100 Fonts

Over 40 Facebook Covers

Special marketing tools and software:

Click Back Rewards Account: Value $97

Fancy Forms Account: Value $37

Video Auto Click Account: Value $97