Disclosure & Guarantee

This should be common sense here, I’m not a wizard, and the fact is… if you don't take action after buying any of my programs or products that I recommend then nothing is going to better your situation. Obviously I can't guarantee your results, earnings, future earnings as a result of my programs or recommendations that I make, or give professional/legal advice.

Also, you should know that as the owner of this website, I am an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and in my videos. As an affiliate I am compensated when you purchase from a provider on this website. If you are watching my show and doing your due diligence (like you should with everything you purchase) you know the products I promote are something I believe will help build your business.

Please do not purchase things you never plan to use! Not every product I review is for everyone's business. Make a plan and take action, use my interviews and reviews as a way to learn more about these products and product creators and make an educated decision on if the product is right for you and your business.