Andrew Hunter – Shares How To Build Membership Sites And Build Your Member Tribe

Andrew Hunter is a successful product creator that has built his primary online business by making WordPress plugins.

Andrew offers several plugins to enhance membership sites Andrews flagship product is called MemberSonic. MemberSonic is a simple yet very powerful membership site plugin.

Today I will ask Andrew several questions about membership sites and how to get traffic to them, and we will talk about why he built MemberSoinc.

Finally we talk about how he successfully manages his online business and balances his home life to keep a happy balance.

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Show Notes:

Who is Andrew Hunter

  • Started his online business as a necessity.
  • Began freelancing – building membership sites for clients.
  • Started to develop WordPress plugins.
  • Andrew Developed MemberSonic Membership Plugin

What types of membership sites are there?

  • There are really only 3 types of membership models.


How do you choose your market?

  • Build around a passion you have.
  • Will it make you money – find out where the money is.
  • Create value for your members.

What do successful memberships have in common?

  • Community.

How do you get traffic to your membership sites?

  • If it's cold traffic I would use Facebook ads.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Affiliates.


Why did you develop your own membership software?

  • Ease of use.
  • I use it in my own business.

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